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An existing love life: IS IT POSSIBLE?!?!?!

To refresh your memory, here are some of my comments on love and relationships:

"I'm homesick for a PERSON that doesn't exist."
"I miss feeling safe with someone."
"True love isn't always love at first sight. Love isn't a fairy tale, it isn't planned, and it certainly isn't what you dream about at night, complete with Miss Perfect or Prince Charming. I doubt she will be perfect, and he won't be a prince anything."

Okay, so I wouldn't call it love just yet, but I'm in a brand new relationship. Which is totally creeping me out, in a good (GREAT!) way. Because I thought that this PERSON didn't exist. I was beginning to feel so hopeless (even though I tried my best not to). A past flame tends to show up in my dreams ALL THE FREAKIN TIME (including my dream last night) and we always get back together in the dream, which is 100% improbable. But him being in my dreams is like a constant reminder that I failed in the past. But now, with this new boy, there is a chance; perhaps, there is even hope. HOPE for ME! And I didn't think it was possible!! I wanted to find someone who I could feel safe and comfortable with again.

Right now, I'm very optimistic and feeling fantastic. I feel so lucky to have found someone this summer. This is COMPLETELY unexpected, for real. It's summer vacation and I'm back home... the ideal situation NOT to find someone. I feel like it's fate or something, I don't know. Gosh I'm so cheesy right now!! ::gag:: Just kidding. I'm just in that happy/bubbly/euphoric phase. It'll probably pass, but I'm enjoying it while I can.

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