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college is almost over.

I'm pretty sad that my time at NIU is ending very soon. I can't wait to have my degree and get started in the field of Public Health, but I'm scared about the unknown. There are a lot of changes headed my way in a couple weeks.

It's been a while since I posted anything, so here's the quick update:

-My internship for the summer is at U of I Extension with the Community Health team for Cook County
-I have a wonderful boyfriend
-I will be moving out of my apartment soon :( and moving back in with my fam in the 'burbs
-No more school! AH!
-I've been writing a lot of music. None of it is posted, but come to a show, and you will probably hear some new stuff
-Things are fantastic for now... but everything is about to change... I hope things will still be fantastic but I just don't know...
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