gonnabarockxtar (gonnabarockxtar) wrote,

Gunman on campus...?

Happy Valentine's Day, NIU...

I woke up this morning like it was any morning. I went to my first class (running late as usual) in COLE 101. I sat through a lecture about persuasive theory, and left to walk to Montgomery around 1:30 PM. I sat through a lecture about the nervous system until around 3:00 PM. My friends and I waited for the bus so that I could go to the Field House and work. At the psych building stop, one of Jaime's friends got on the bus and told us that someone was shot in the head at Cole. Everyone was in shock, but within seconds, cell phones started ringing. I was originally headed back to campus, but I got off at my apartment complex stop instead. I talked to Derek, who said that his friend was in lock-down on campus. I ran up the stairs to tell my roommate. A few minutes later, a news reporter came on the TV and started revealing details. 2 injured... 3 injured... Possibly 7 injured...

At my apartment, I can hear sirens and helicopters.

Everyone is shaken up and calling loved ones. The network is busy though, so I just keep getting messages and voicemails that I can't return.
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