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-I work 2 jobs. One is great, one is okay. Both pay above minimum wage, which is good. But I am required to be on my feet all the time, which is fine except for once a week when I work double shifts. Oh feet pain.

-I hit the 1 year mark with Jarrod. YAY!!! It was magnificent.

-I've seen the same amount of musicals as concerts (2). That will probably change though, if everything works out. Both musicals were great though! I saw Wicked and Avenue Q. Breathtaking.

-The band has been stalled for a while. Blah. I haven't played any shows as S.O.S. either. One new song has been written, but that's it.

-July 4th will be awesome this year. AWESOME.

Living at home again? A pain. Thus I am being kicked off the computer.
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