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winter break '08

I can't believe the semester is finally over. I worked my booty off to do well. Hopefully all the studying and stress will pay off next week when I get my grades.

I've been thinking about my Christmas list. Here's what I have so far:

-"In Defense of Food" book
-full length mirror
-Common's new CD
-Kurt Halsey sweater and calendar
-small end table
-lap top or get my computer fixed
-Wal Mart gift card
-get my remaining artwork framed
-go shopping for work clothes/interview outfits

Eventually I need most of these things, so even if I don't receive them as gifts, I'll need to go out and purchase them. Or I just need to stop procrastinating, like the fact that my artwork has been sitting in my closet for months.

Next semester is going to be craaaazy. I'm taking 18 credits plus working, plus trying to, no wait, ACTUALLY finding an internship for the summer. Good stuff. I'm not sure where my Public Health degree will lead me, but I'm excited to find out.
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