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Sociology. The study of human behavior. Society. Right and wrong. Truth. Human-created truth. Institutionalized. Socially constructed reality. Fuck it. We are all robots. We are programmed at birth and through our youth and teen years. We are told what to want. And we are born into certain circumstances. Sometimes people win the genetic lottery. It is all chance. Not fate. Coincidence. Some have looks, or charm, or wealth. Some have none. Some are born into a religion, a skin color, a race, a place, a life they didn't ask for nor choose. We all build up masks of protection. Name brands, labels, material objects, trophy wives, sports cars, muscles. Or we hide behind the haze of chemicals. We are told that we can be whatever we want. We desire a dream, something that isn't real. We want to graduate high school, no wait, get a degree, no wait, an even better degree, a better job, an even better job, more money, more money, more money. But what's the point? The best parts are in between. The moments. The experiences. And especially the people. You want marriage? Children? A house? A career? It will never be enough. And it will not be what you dreamt of. Life is all about mistakes. Because you go after what sounds good, sounds right, sounds "proper," but you grow nostalgic for what you had. Take a step back and look around. Are you happy? What makes you truly happy? Not those long work hours. Not the fancy car. Not the clothes. It's the people you share those special moments with. Why settle for yearning for a future you don't even know you want? We are programmed to want things beyond our reach, but sometimes what makes you happiest is right there sitting next to you. But knowing this won't make you un-programmed. Once a robot, always a robot. Just make the most of what you have. Take pictures. Take vacations. Laugh at everything, including yourself. Don't take life too seriously. No one gets out alive. Don't waste your time on things that make you frown. Don't let anyone else tear you down. It's all going to get better eventually.
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